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Heating and Cooling Essential Tips

Heating and Cooling - Where to start?

" There are many low cost strategies when using your heating and cooling systems. Me and my team can help find one that's right for you "
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Heating, Cooling or Both?

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As days and nights get colder older properties will feel the cold if the property is insufficiently insulated or over time windows and doors let more of the external weather conditions inside the property. An adequate heating system maintains steady temperatures throughout the home or business. A heating specialist suh as Justflow Air Conditioning can determine dark spots in your property which may be letting warm air escape



Much like a heating system and efficient cooling system for your home will ensure that the temperature is kept cool during hot summer days and nights. Keeping heat away from windows and doors is also important in maintaining an appropriate temperature. A professional cooling service can help reduce energy consumption by choosing the best system and size as well as expert installation advise.

What's Involved With Heating and Cooling Systems?

Choosing the right heating system for your home or business can be a very important decision and a decision that usually can only be made once. Knowing all the facts and what your options are with the space you are working with is important. It it also important to know how much KW’s are needed per cubic meter. Our expert Heating and Cooling service team can replace or install your system with a more efficient product. A more efficient system which not only reduces energy costs but also improves air flow. Making the choice here entirely depends on the space in which you have in your home or business but also the budget you are working with. For an installation of one or more of these products and services feel free to get in touch with one of our Air Conditioning  team members on 1300 350 330

We supply and install heating and coolng systems for all brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Actron and Carrier just to name a few

What Size System Do You Need?

A Systems size is extremely important as this will directly impact how much heat or cool air can be pushed throught the home or business. We see so many property’s that have not sized their system correctly for the space they are utilising.

Most commonly we see large areas with small systems and sometimes too large a system for a tiny space. 

Choosing the perfect KW size will ensure the perfect temperature is reached quickly and can be maintained without putting pressure on the heating and cooling system

A major part of our air con services is to deliver the best solution for each individual property size. We measure the entire space in each room. We will calculate total coverage required and the best size based on these calculations.

If your current system is letting you down or draining your pockets with higher than normal energy bills, we can help determine the exact issue and recommend a solution thats perfect for your property type.


Does Your Home Have An Air Leak?

Air leaks are small pockets of air which escape or get into the property through gaps in doors walls and windows. Some newly built homes and almost always older property types including residential and commercial propertys will experience air leaks.

Prior to providing a heating and cooling solution for your property our team throroughly investigate for any air leaks which could draw more power from your system if installed.

Our tools and equipment determine areas of concern and we fix and repair these and retest to ensure we get consistent and manged air flow throughout your home or business

Heating and Cooling Installation and Placement

Installation of a new heating and cooling system must be done with a few key points in mind.

  • Where the indoor unit is kept if needed
  • Where the outdoor unit is installed
  • Location of vents
  • How far does air travel
With a professionally installed system Justflow Air Conditioning ensures that all of these criteria are met and satisfied. We bring together many years of experience in both installing systems correctly and maintaining them for our customers and clients
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