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Need to install a new split system air conditioning

system and not sure where to start? 


Justflow Air Conditioning can help you navigate through these questions and help you select the perfect Split System Air Conditioning unit for your home or business 

First thing we need to keep in mind is that Installing a new Split system air conditioning System requires a licensed HVAC technician. A technician with an Arctick license or RAC Refrigeration and Air Conditioning license

This ensures your work is carried out under the correct guidelines and by a licensed professional

Secondly we need to figure out the how large or small the space in which you require the split system unit will need to heat or cool. This will determine the size of the unit and how many Kilowatts (KW) you will need

You can work this out by the Length, the Width and finally the Height of your space (LxWxH) This will give the cubic meters or space in which you need to control the flow of hot or cold air. As a general rule of thumb for every 14 cubic meters you would require 1 KW which makes it quite easy to calculate

The third step is to select a location for the split system to be installed and to tick off 3 main points


  • Adequate drainage from condensation 
  • Correct air flow to cover entire room 
  • Outdoor unit is not to far from the indoor unit


AC Drainage is an important factor to consider as the indoor unit must be positioned in a location whereby it is placed on adjacent to an external wall. Why? Split system Air Conditioning units need drainage outlets and these outlets must be ran to an external point of the property

Air flow from the split system unit should also cover the entire room or space so selecting the optimal position for the final installation is vital for great climate control. Our team have relocated many split system units for this reason alone so to ensure you your system is placed in an optimal position is a critical step that many customers forget to consider

The outdoor unit should never be too far from the internal split system unit which is mounted on the wall. The reason being is that the more time it takes for hot or cold air to travel through the copper line it may become less potent or efficient some people may disagree but through years of experience the closer the external unit can be placed to the indoor split system unit the better the efficiency of the system overall

Finally it is important to engage an air conditioning contractor who works with quality parts, brands and has had many years of experience installing split system air conditioning units.

Our reliable team of local installation experts can recommend tips on how to get the most out of your new or existing split system unit. Feel free to get in touch for free general advise and support for all your air conditioning enquiries

Justflow Air Conditioning is a local Sydney based company who have installed thousands of split system AC units across Sydney’s inner west and eastern suburbs including suburbs like Parramatta, Liverpool, Sutherland, Northern beaches and North Sydney and the CBD.

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help keep your air flow fresh and running correctly

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