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Get a fast ceiling fan installation quote from our Sydney based electricians today. We work with all brands and ceiling fan types and will provide an affordable and stylish installed finish

Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fans are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy bills and consumption.

Ceiling fans are no longer an eyesore and look great if placed and installed correctly.

Installing Ceiling fan requires an electrician as the cabling must be run correctly and wires are live, which means risks of electric shock.

A ceiling fan with light attached will also need special attention as they will need to be connected back to a switch usually located in the same room.

Remote controls may also have to be programmed or connected.

Justflow Electrical can supply and install or simply install an existing ceiling fan which has been purchased from one any retailer or supplier including Bunnings and Beacon Lighting stores.

Finding The Right Electrician to Install Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan installation is a core service of our electricians. We not only provide a fast installation service but also supply the right type of ceiling fan that suits your home or business. From various styles, blade count and types, we work with all brands and give you the customer a final result you will love


Ceiling Fan Models and Types

Featured Ceiling Fans

Here are some popular choices of ceiling fans we regularly work with and supply for our Sydney customers. We help with a range of options including styling, ceiling fan power as well as wiring from wall to ceiling

Fast, Reliable Installation

Super fast booking service with our multiple electrical teams working around the clock to service Sydney home and business owners

Flat Fee Installation Price

Our installation price is not only affordable but cost efficient as we work with households and business budgets. No hidden charges with upfront pricing

Installation After Care & Support

We stay in touch with our customers to continually ensure that our workmanship is completed according to Australian standards

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Fans

Most frequent ceiling fan questions and answers

Can I use a ceiling fan in winter?

Absolutely. I colder months warm air tends to rise. Using a reverse powered ceiling fan will  push that warm air down. Circulating warm air throughout the home and providing a more comfortable space

AC or DC ceiling fan?

There two main types of ceiling fan categories which are AC and DC. AC are more common throughout older homes and businesses. DC however are newer types providing better efficiency and usually more settings and modes

What size ceiling fan do I need for my space?

While most manufacturers will specify the ideal room size for their particular models. Standard ceiling fan sizes measure at 132cm this generally covers a room size of 4x4m. Extended blades will allow for a larger area. You may increase the fan size to a 137cm for rooms which measure 5x5m

Ceiling fan blades, more or less?

Contrary to popular belief more blades does not necessarily mean better air flow. When purchasing a ceiling fan consideration should be given to the space primarily and ceiling fans must accommodate to that space. Larger ceiling spaces require 4 or more blades. While small spaces work better with 3 blades

Ceiling heights, does it affect ceiling fan performance?

Yes. Ceiling heights in Sydney NSW are usually set at 2.4m which is caters to a standard ceiling fan installation. Ceilings higher than 2.4m may require the use of an extension rod to adequately provide good air flow throughout the space

Can I self install my ceiling fan?

There are certain models that may allow for self installation. However we advise against self installation for all models. A licensed electrician should always install any electrical component such as a ceiling fans or appliances

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Our electricians are available 24 hours a day 7 day a week for emergency electrical installations as well as everyday home electrical faults, installations and repairs.

Justflow Electrical provide a comprehensive ceiling fan installation service across all  Sydney suburbs including Parramatta, Moorebank, Liverpool and Sydney CBD’s.

Our team are the ceiling fan specialists helping thousands of Australian households stay cool in Summer each year and save money. Our electricians are available 24 hours a day 7 day a week for emergency electrical installations as well as everyday home electrical faults, installations and repairs on 1300 350 330

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