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Does your property need to  be rewired? And the signs you need to look for

Over time electrical services will deteriorate and this can happen for a number of reasons but the most common culprit our electricians have found is “time”

Over a long period of time cabling, switches, fuses and other parts that provide constant power to your homes or business become worn. Living closer to coastal areas further exacerbate the issue. Other factors that could play a role in requiring a electrical rewiring service is pests and rodent infestation. Rats and rodents have been know to chew and destroy electrical cables and cause damage.

There are also many other factors that may seem like a small issue at the time, but taking action on these issues earlier can rid the risk of unfixable damage.

If an electrical system is deemed unsafe to continue using or if it stops meeting the current regulations, it must be fixed as soon as possible. 

Making certain alterations and additions also requires rewiring to make sure the system can handle the additional load. 

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Our main objective has always been to put the customer before a profit, measuring the success and failure of a business has always come down to how good your last job is. 

If we are not consistent in the quality of electrical, plumbing and air conditioning services we provide we won’t take on the task. 

Being able to fulfill a client or customers request is just the first step, how efficiently and effectively we do our work is our primary focus. 

We have to be able to deliver a service that we are proud to stand behind and we believe our work speaks for itself. Check out some of our work below to see for yourself