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Is My Switchboard Faulty?

Does Your Power Trip?


Power trips and overloaded circuits are all too common. Common causes of tripping power can be bad wiring and faulty switchboard installation or maintenance. Our expert switchboard electrician services quickly find the fault causing the issue. We will then replace the necessary part or completely upgrade the main board

Upgrading Ceramic Fuses

Ceramic fuses have been phased out and are now replaced with RCD’s. A much safer and common method of maintain circuits within a property. Our electricians are the switchboard upgrade experts. We replace these types of fuses and install a new switchboard which in most cases saves customers on electricity consumption and reduces faults

SWITCHBOARD repairs and maintenance

When Do I Need To Upgrade My Switchboard?

Does Your Switchboard Make a Buzzing Noise?


Buzzing noises coming from the switchboard are not a good sign. Our electricians will take a look and test the switchboard to fault find and rectify the problem. Buzzing noises can cause sparks and power tripping as well as a range of other electrical faults if not fixed

Appliances Trip or Turn Off Intermittently

Appliances continuously tripping and turning off intermittently are a good sign that there is a problem at the switchboard. Not only does this cause damage to the switchboard but without a safety switch installed this can cause serious issues when the switchboard and it’s circuits becomes overloaded


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Switchboard Installation and Supply

Installing a new switchboard requires a licensed electrician to re route cabling if required and update the internal switchboard components. Working with live wire  means risks of electric shock. If you are experiencing faults with your electricity supply it is a good idea to call an electrician urgently and make sure that you are keeping away from the switchboard for safety until it is replaced or upgraded to ensure all electrical circuits are running correctly again. 

A new switchboard installation is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on money by reducing those large electricity bills and your general electricity consumption. 

Our team are the switchboard specialists helping thousands of Australian households stay connected each year. Our electricians replace your old switchboard or replace a faulty switchboard which may be making buzzing sounds, shorting power or causing appliances to blow. A new switchboard installation by a licensed electrician from Justflow Electrical can fix these and many other issues you could be facing both at home or at your business. 



Switchboards are prone to failure for a number of reasons including:

  • Water Damage
  • Overloaded Circuit
  • Faulty Cables
  • Incorrect Cable Length
  • Old Fuses
  • Sudden Power Surge
  • Faulty RCD 

 Justflow Electricians will not only test but also replace or upgrade the switchboard to ensure your switchboard is compliant and safe

Switchboard services do not have to be expensive, Justflow Electricians provide this service at a much lower price to our customers than our competitors. Our trade accounts through our suppliers ensure the trade savings we receive are passed on to our customers also. Justflow Electrical understands that getting you, our customers, connected is our number one priority.

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