Leak Detection

Detecting Gas Water Pressure Leaks

Leaks are common for both Gas and Water unfortunately. Gas leaks are hazardous and need to be attended to immediately. Water leaks depending on severity can also be hazardous when coming into contact with electricity

One of our local Sydney plumbers will use our expert plumbing tools and leak detection equipment to find the exact location of the leak as well as fix the leak, usually on the same day we come to site

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Gas and Water Leak Detection Services Sydney

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Water Leak Detection

Water leak detection plumbers are mobile across Sydney 24hrs. Helping Sydney residents and tenants fix all type of leaks as well as detecting the source of those leaks.

If you are experiencing a:

  • Gas Leak
  • Leaking Shower
  • Leaking Toilet or Cistern
  • Leaking Tap
  • Leak From Your Ceiling
  • Leaking Sewer Line
Get in touch for a fast affordable and honest plumbing detection and repair service. Our vehicles all carry the leak detection equipment necessary to quickly find the source of the leak and fix it on the spot

Our Leak Detection Equipment
Saves You Money

With the use of common leak detection equipment and experienced leak detection plumbing staff, our plumbers detect and repair water leaks faster and more affordably than our competitors

Having a better understanding of what is causing a water or gas leak gives a plumber better alternatives when fixing a leak. It also helps our plumbers better maintain plumbing at your house or business, minimising future leaks

Commercial Water Leak Detection

Leaking water in a commercial property such as industrial complexes, high rise commercial sites and strata’s or estates can be a real nuisance.

Luckily the Justflow plumbers provide affordable services to detect and fix leaks for all commercial property types.

Leaks cause minor and major damage over time. That’s why it is important to detect a leak quickly using a reputable leak detection plumber in Sydney. Leaks an also be hazardous especially if the leak is gas related or water comes into contact with electrical utilities.

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Justflow Plumbing use expert tools and equipment including snakes, cameras and leak detection hardware and software to find the source of the leak fast. 

Depending on the severity of the leak and the location we can take quick action to resolve the leak at its source.

Leaks in plumbing can be both underground and above ground. Tracing plumbing pipes and networks to ultimately locate a plumbing leak is exactly what our plumbers specialise in.

The leak detection process is fast and the repair can be underway on the same day as the detection of the leak. 

What Are Common Signs of a Commercial Water Leak?


Here are some quick and easy ways to tell if you have a water leak on the commercial property:

  • Unusually high or a spike in water bills
  • Sudden loss of water pressure
  • Puddles of water forming or persistent without the cause of rain
  • Mould build up in particular locations where plumbing is prevalent 
  • Warping on surfaces such as concrete slabs or pavers
  • Moist and persistently wet grass or soil
  • Bubbling of a puddle during and after down pour
It is important to pay close attention to these signs and report a potential commercial water leak quickly. 

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Leak Detection For both Water and Gas Services in Sydney

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