A Complete Guide For Home and Business Owners Who Experience Electrical Issues Caused By Faulty or Old Switchboards in Sydney

‍”It is critical that your home is safe from electrical hazards and it all starts at your switchboard

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If you answered yes to any of the above questions your switchboard needs attention. Most switchboards will work correctly if setup and wired by a licensed professional.

Some electricians haven’t followed Australian Guidelines in the past. (AS 61439 Switchboard Wiring Standards).

It is important to note:

Typical switchboard installations require adequate distribution of power across all areas of a property. Household cooktops and ovens require a separate circuit, and the same applies to lighting and power outlets

Power loads will vary from site to site. There must be adequate distribution without overloading a circuit

Circuits that become overloaded can cause damage to appliances, becomes a safety hazard and in many cases cause a fire.

Sound knowledge and implementation of Australian Standards are imperative to keep occupants of a home or business safe.

Mains power distribution starts from overhead street supply. Travelling through consumer mains, down to a switchboard.
Power becomes distributed into the switchboard and into the home’s circuits.
From the circuits it divides across power points and light switches.
These in turn power a home’s appliances and connected devices

Replace or Repair Your Switchboard?

Owners and property managers should consider 2 options regarding their property’s switchboard. Below we’ll outline what each involves and what best suits your needs

Repairing The Switchboard

Repairs help rectify issues related to incorrect wiring and overloaded circuits.

Sometimes repairs are very simple. It could just be a simple fuse

Other times we may need to investigate. Investigating cabling can help locate the source of the issue

Replacing A Switchboard

All old ceramic fuses and asbestos switchboards should be replaced

Old switchboards can contain asbestos. These must be changed

You might be thinking it may be time upgrade my switchboard and you may be right. Your switchboard is the core of your home’s entire electrical distribution. Problems at the switchboard can be costly to appliances and potentially fatal if not rectified.

Swapping out your main board could help in a number of ways.

New switchboards draw less energy from the grid. Resulting in a reduction in energy bills which can be a great saving over time.

Previous homes used copper wiring can become a hazard.

If exposed or come into contact with internal and external leaks throughout the house or property. Copper was the wiring of choice for many years throughout Sydney homes.

We now use much better wiring throughout the home and back to the mains and switchboard

I’m Ready To Upgrade My Switchboard

Simply contact your local electrician ensuring they meet all the trade requirements. Something which we’ve outlined in our previous post about electrician hire in Sydney

The electrician will come out and assess the job

The electrician will provide a quote

Your quotation should be consistent with the requirements of the switchboard upgrade

Who Disconnects The Switchboard?

A Licensed Level 2 Electrician must disconnect and reconnect services relating to mains power

How Long Does a Switchboard Upgrade Take

It is best to allow for one working day for the switchboard to be upgraded or repaired. It can be a lot faster if the electrician has prepared the board ready for installation off site

Switchboard upgrades cannot be completed without a qualified electrical contractor

Switchboard Repair Switchboard Upgrade Service Sydney Parramatta and Moorebank Liverpool NSW

Ceramic Fuses Replaced With RCD (Residual Current Device)

Ceramic Fuses used to be the industry standard for use across switchboards in Sydney many years ago. Since these rules and standards have been changed the technology is outdated and your switchboard now uses RCD (residual current device)

Older switchboards are being phased out by the NSW Government

In 2021 to add a power point or power outlet outlet to your home you must have an upgraded switchboard for the safety of occupants in the premises. A switchboard upgrade is vital for adding RCD’s to both homes and offices

Secondary Heading

Power Comsumption From The Main Switchboard

Many customers may opt to upgrade the appliances in their homes or may need to add a power point internally or externally for reasons such as adding outlets for charging smart devices like iPhones and Android smart phones. Or if they have purchased a new BBQ for the backyard which needs IP 65 rated power points installed to various locations. There are a multitude of reasons why you may need new power points installed and before this is done making sure your switchboard is up to Australian building standards is critical

There are a multitude of reasons why you may need new power points installed and before this is done making sure your switchboard is up to Australian building standards is critical‍

Here are just some examples of items that draw large amounts of power from the switchboard at your property

Ensuring your switchboard is up to the job is imperitive. Not only will it save your appliances, items and devices but also provide safety from fire and potentially fatal consequences

kitchen, furniture, interior-1640439.jpg

Ovens and Microwave Ovens

Ovens are a culprit for consuming alot of power. For this reason they require their own circuit when being connected to the switchboard

bath, tub, water-2576683.jpg

Hot Water Systems

Hot Water systems are a huge draw for power. Through the use of gas and solar however there can be additional savings made from the draw of power from your main switchboard

There are a multitude of reasons why you may need new power points installed and before this is done making sure your switchboard is up to Australian building standards is critical‍

Cooktops and Dishwashers

Kitchen Cooktops are another source of energy consumtion from the mains switchboard at the house. They too require their own individual circuit

tesla, supercharger, battery-1724773.jpg

Charging A Battery

We are moving rapidly to rely more on lithium and battery power. This includes Home Batteries, vehicles and household devices such as ipads, laptops and phones

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