Hiring a Tradie In Sydney? What You Need To Know

With the recent boom in the Sydney housing market, trades and trade service providers have seen a massive increase in demand and so has the price to engage one.

As more an more players enter the market to meet the increase in demand the quality of work naturally dips. The important steps to take are sometimes forgotten and quite often hard working home owners, tenants and agents are taken advantage of. Avoiding the tradies who provide poor quality and ridiculous quotes can sometimes be a challenge but following simple measures can ensure you don’t become a victim of either of these.

Firstly understanding the issue is important. There are a few main factors for the increase in dodgy tradies.

  • As demand has grown for trade personnel, many employers have had to employ sub standard staff and unqualified or un skilled staff members to meet the demand
  • Due to the increase in demand less time is spent training new employees
  • The influx of potential tradies wanting to earn good money has reduced requirements being met
  • Shortcuts are being taken at the tertiary level to attain a license
  • Some training organisations have even been known to sell licenses for a fee
  • Increase in work has meant less time available to complete small jobs and therefore quotes have been astronomical in some cases as the organisation simply doesn’t care if quote is accepted or not

The good news is that in between the influx of new apprentices and trade providers there are still quote a few trustworthy and honest organisations. Organisations who still provide honest pricing and fantastic services

The challenge is being able to identify who they are and how to find them

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Ok, so where can I find these tradies?

Great service providers always leave a lasting impression and standout from the crowd. This is true for most service based business and is no different in the trade sector. Below are a few key ways to help identify them

  1. Online presence. First impressions are important and ensuring the tradie is not just listed on Google Maps but has a legitimate website. Being listed on google maps is simple. Having a great website is not
  2. Does the website show custom photos of work completed and not generic borrowed photos from the web?
  3. How long has the company been in operation? Years of experience means they’ve made their mistakes and learnt from them. No company is perfect and mistakes will be made but growth only comes through experience
  4. Is the company local to you? Or are they centrally located to meet the demand of their customer base?
  5. Does the company provide maintenance? Great trade companies provide general services such as maintenance in bulk therefore having a simple job completed is much cheaper as they can add it as part of their daily schedule
  6. How fast did they pick up your phone call or reply to your online enquiry? If this is not met you can only imagine what could be the case when you need them later
  7. What was is their general attitude once you called? A good attitude to a problem means the tradies are optimistic, and confident. Bad attitudes or un helpful, dull tones leave much to be desired for especially when your a paying customer. Read the signs early and keep contacting tradies until you find the one that makes you feel comfortable about entering your home and helping resolve your problem
  8. Is the tradesman or woman licensed and insured? This is a no brainer. There is no harm in asking this question and ensuring you are dealing with a licensed professional and not a backyard hack job
  9. How fast did you get a quote? A fast response to your issue usually means that the organisation has encountered similar issues and has been successful in resolving it. It also means that there internal process is efficient
  10. Ask what products and or suppliers they use. Another no brainer but sadly not commonly asked by customers. Using reputable suppliers means that any product is covered by a warranty period and usually a labour guarantee from the tradie. Quality suppliers and products last longer than cheap knock offs, which add more money to the bottom line of dodgy tradies.

The building and construction landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. Keeping up to date with changes in provider behavior and reducing costs is critical. Be smart about your options as a consumer

We hope this quick and helpful guide helps readers avoid making a potentially bad decision when it matters most

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