Gas Heater Service Near Me

So what’s involved with a gas heater service?

Although a gas heater is a great addition for those cold winters. They also come with service requirements

It is important to note how often a gas heater needs a service for both safety as well as longevity

Justflow Trade Services are the gas heater service experts. Working with all major brands, we take apart the unit, clean filters and test the internal components.

Whether you are just using a gas heater for winter. Or you use it all year round. Gas heaters must be serviced and maintained correctly.

As well as maintenance gas leaks must be checked for. This is another important reason why servicing all types of house gas heaters is crucial

Although gas heaters come in all shapes and sizes. Servicing a gas heater is simple and fast. Justflow Trade Services work with brands such as Rinnai & Omega to get your house warm and cozy again quickly.

So what is the difference between LPG and natural gas heaters?

Natural Gas

Reticulated natural gas requires a connection with a gas mains line in your local area. If this is available, you can hire a gas fitter to come and install a natural gas connection to your home.

However, this option can get expensive, when you add the cost of the heating unit itself and installation fees onto the price of connecting with a gas line.

On the flipside, once your connection is up and running, it will be cheaper to run a natural gas heater than an LPG heater.

Natural gas heaters are not just affordable to run – they also tend to be reliable and durable, heating even large rooms with ease.

Can you use a natural gas heater with LPG?

Some flued natural gas heaters come with – or are compatible with – an LPG Conversion Kit.

This lets you operate an installed heater using an LPG bottle, even if it was originally designed to operate using natural gas.


Some gas heaters are designed to be used with LPG, or liquified petroleum gas. This is made from propane, butane or a mix of the two.

The LPG is stored in large gas cylinders (for example, a 45 kg cylinder) outside your home. The gas is then ducted in through pipes to outlets in the house, which your heater will connect to.

How Often Should Service My Gas Heater?

It is a well know fact most house appliances will break down if not cared for correctly. Your gas heater at home is no different. It is a good idea to service the gas heater at least once a year.

Prior to using the heater after Summer is usually the best time. The weather in Autumn starts to dip and most customers take their gas heaters out of storage.

If you’re like most households in Sydney you store your heater away mid Spring and take it back out mid Autumn

Connect with a local team who are reliable and on time. Connect with Justflow Trade Services for your next gas heater service in sydney



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Gas Heater Service Near Me

So what’s involved with a gas heater service? Although a gas heater is a great addition for those cold winters. They also come with service