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Our Electrical service team quickly find and repair all types of emergency electrical faults. Common electrical faults our customers experience are: 

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Only Quality Brands For Your Projects. Justflow Trade Services use reputable brands. Brands which provide an extensive warranty for fixtures and fittings for both your home and business. Make sure your getting the most for your budget and hire a maintenance and repair team that provides quality

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Emergency electrical repairs don’t have to be expensive. Our honest and reliable electrical service team will diagnose the fault correctly and provide a solution. Don’t get stung by an electrician who takes advantage of an emergency and charges like a wounded bull. Use a reputable team

When Do I Need to Call An Emergency Electrician?

Most emergency repairs take place due to faulty electrical part or component. As well as bad workmanship or severe weather. Faults can range from urgent repairs to non urgent repairs. When electricity becomes a danger to life it is absolutely imperative to call an electrician and repair the fault urgently. Minor faults should not be left either. Electricity is a danger if not installed, services or repaired correctly. In most cases electricians recommend repairing even minor faults because it can cause damage or cause injury. Even though it may not be an emergency, the problem must be repaired before appliances and other components are damaged beyond repair.

Emergency Power Failure

Emergency power restorations are a very common repair we encounter. Just like all other services power requires the continuous flow of electricity. If this flow is interrupted at any stage of the active current you will encounter a power outage. With so many electrical components in play, failure of any one or multiple parts are very common. Justflow Electrical are experts in diagnosing the electrical fault and repairing what is causing the power outage

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Critical Power Failure?

Power failure is common – to get your power connected again contact our emergency electrical team

The Emergency Electrical Team

Take a peek at some of our emergency electrical repair staff.
We work hard across Sydney metropolitan suburbs providing an emergency response to electrical faults and repairs

Emergency Electrical Faults
We Repair

Most common electrical faults we diagnose and repair
Another good example of emergency electrician repairs comes from the repair of customer’s switchboards. Switchboards are constantly tripping, sparking or causes electrical flow issues. Just as mentioned in previous blog posts. Electrical switchboards usually require emergency repairs because there many parts such as RCD’s, breakers and cables that distribute power according to each load and it’s limits. If these limits are over drawn then you may experience electrical issues. Switchboards require urgent attention when down. They also need time to diagnose and fault find the root cause of a short circuit or power outage
Sometimes a simple fuse replacement is all that is needed to repair a power outage. Now this could be a main fuse or any other fuse powering the lights or power points and appliances in a home or business. Whatever the case may be an honest electrician is always available with Justflow Electrical. We’ll tell you the exact problem or fault and fix it. We are honest with simple issues and transparent with our competitive pricing
Severe weather is a huge problem for so many businesses and houses in Sydney. Water damage and erosion are the two biggest causes for most electrical repairs we fix. Electricians usually respond to emergency repairs after heavy rain to repair exposed wires/cables, water damage to mainboards/switchboards, internal leaks as well as external leaks. All of which dramatically affect a property’s electrical connection
Emergency power outage is a very common repair we encounter. Just like any other service, power requires the constant flow of electricity. If this flow is interrupted at any stage of the active current you will need an emergency electrician to restore the power outage. With so many electrical components in play, failure of any one or multiple parts are very common. Justflow Electrical are experts in diagnosing the electrical fault and repairing what is causing the power outage
Not only does our team respond to emergecy electrical faults. But we also get a large number of enquiries relating to CCTV and alarm repairs. Our electricians unlike some also provide networking and security related repairs. So if you have issues with emergency network repairs
Safety switch failure is another fault we can diagnose and repair. As part of our same day emergency fault repairs, we aim to fix issues on the spot. This is ideal for both the customer and our electricians. By having parts such as safety switches on hand we’re able to replace them as they break. Safety switch repairs are cheap and easily fixed by our licensed electricians
All level 2 electrical repairs deal with the power supply from the grid to your house or business. Level 2 repairs require a licensed level 2 electrician who is only able to repair mains power coming from the street into your property’s main switchboard 
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I Need An Emergency Electrician Near Me, Where Do I Start?

If you’re not sure where to start below is a great checklist to ensure you get the best from a local emergency electrical service

  • Is the company licensed?
  • Are they always available 24 hours or is it just a one off (one off job mobs charge nearly double and sometimes triple the actual repair cost)
  • Have they worked with emergencies previously?
  • Are they insured?
  • Make sure they understand the electrical repair required and not coming out and guessing
  • Office helpdesk or support services (this makes sure your are helped by professionals who charge reasonable rates)
  • Great Google, WOM, Yelp reviews
  • Electricians who are genuinely interested in resolving the issue, and don’t have to be sold on the idea of getting out to site

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When Do I Need Emergency Electrical Help?

Emergency electricians are usually ready to respond to same day electrical faults and emergencies If you feel there is a present danger to life then it is a job for an emergency electrician.

LiceNsed and Trained

Our team are ready with the right training and tools to diagnose and repair most electrical faults right away. We've equipped our vehicles with all the tools necessary to get the job done

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Need an urgent quote? A Justflow electrician can provide a general quote over the phone. Once we are out on site we can confirm a repair price and help get the issue fixed. Get honest pricing anytime day or night


Not only do our emergency electrical repairs fix your issue but we provide one of Australia's best after care services. Our support services ensure we are there if problems re-occur for any reason

Emergency Electrician Near Me

Searching for a local emergency electrician near me? With so many results and companies it can be confusing. Justflow’s emergency electricians take the guess work out of hiring an electrician on short notice. With cheap emergency callout rates we aim to help rather than profit. Taking advantage of an emergency repair or callout is not what we are about. Instead our 24 hour emergency electrician service aims to help you get back to using your electrical products safely. Our services extend to restoring power, emergency entry and exit doors, roller doors, switchboards, blown fuses and much much more.

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