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Over a long period of time wires & cables that provide constant power to your home or business become worn. This is a common problem with old homes or new homes with cheap faulty cabling. House rewiring fixes many electrical issues around the house. We find the source of the issue by testing and inspecting then replacing faulty wiring

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Only Quality Brands For Your ProjectsJustflow Trade Services use reputable brands. Brands which provide an extensive warranty for fixtures and fittings for both your home and business. Make sure your getting the most for your budget and hire a maintenance and repair team that provides quality

Electrical Rewire Service, What is it?


Basically a house rewire refers to replacing internal electrical cables or wires at the house. Initially when a house is built electricians perform what is called a “rough in”. Whereby electrical cables usually in the size of 2.5mm are run throughout the home. As well as 1.5mm for switching and a few other connections. Basically this stage is critical in getting power to all required locations in the home. 

So why would a house or property need to be rewired? Electrical wires like most consumables become damaged or frayed. This causes loss of power and at worst case fire. After years of decay cables need to be tested and connections need to be safe. Not only does it cause a hazard but it also damages appliances with power shortages and tripping circuits. Therefore a house rewire is completed. The new wiring used by local electricians now last much longer and is much safer. 

House Rewiring Services Simplified

There are numerous methods electricians use to not only provide house rewiring but also diagnose issues. If your house has known connection issues or is an old home which needs updated wiring run, we can help. Justflow Electrical completely re-run all the electrical cabling and wiring throughout the home and test to ensure there are no more electrical wiring problems

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Home Rewiring When Is It Necessary?

Rewire House Cabling

Although most homes are wired and tested. At times wiring can become faulty for a number of reasons. We outline some reasons properties in Sydney might need rewiring services completed. Rewiring is a common job our electricians undertake. Unfortunately faulty electrical wiring causes disruption to electrical components and damage to a property. There are many risk with faulty wiring including fire. Fire is major risk when house wires and cables become frayed and damaged. It is always a god idea to get a complete electrical inspection for old properties experiencing trips and power loss. See NSW Fair Trading Electrical Standards for more information

Incorrect Installation

A large portion of our home rewiring jobs come from incorrect cable rough ins completed by other electricians

Coastal Locations

Coastal home and properties are exposed to salts. This is always a cause for rapid wiring decay. Over time the coastal location will cause faster erosion to a property's electrical cables

Wiring Fray Over Time

Wires over time will fray and become exposed, weather and exposure cause much of the wiring to become damaged

Pests and Rodents

Pests and rodents such as rats and mice will chew on electrical cables. This is quite common and after many years is also another major cause for home rewiring requirements

Cost To Rewire A House Is It Worth It?

The first step in correcting the issue is to identify the source of the problem

Secondly we identify the exact materials needed for replacement

Thirdly our electricians install the required materials to fix the issue 

The electrical team provide a comprehensive labour warranty. As well as a manufacturers warranty on items such as cables, wires and any other PC items provided

House Rewire electricians

Does Your Property Need a Complete Rewire Service?

As mentioned over time electrical services will deteriorate and this can happen for a number of reasons but the most common culprit our electricians have found is “time”.

Therefore cabling, switches, fuses and other parts that provide constant power to your home become worn. Living closer to coastal areas further exacerbate the issue. Other factors that could play a role in requiring a electrical rewiring service is the size of the home. For example a 2 bedroom home may differ to a 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom home. The amount of time and electrical wire and cables needed will vary from site to site.

There are also many other factors that may seem like a small issue at the time, but taking action on these issues earlier can rid the risk of unfixable damage. If an electrical system is deemed unsafe to continue using or if it stops meeting the current regulations, it must be fixed as soon as possible. Making certain alterations and additions may also require rewiring to make sure the system can handle the additional load. Adding more power, circuits or appliances places more load on the existing switchboard

Cost To Rewire A House

A typical house rewire can cost between $5000 to $10000. The cost depends mostly on how large the house is and if it is single storey, double storey or multi level. Access and cabling are the two main works that determine how simple or difficult the rewire is going to be. It’ s also important to hire an electrician who has previously worked on house rewire jobs before. As there are many aspects to a completing even a small house rewiring job

Justflow Electrical provide cheap house rewiring services for everyday Australians. We’ve helped many Australian home owners update and replace their current wiring

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As a general rule our main objective has always been to put the customer before a profit, measuring the success and failure of a business has always come down to how good your last job is. 

So if we are not consistent in the quality of electrical, plumbing and air conditioning services we provide we shouldn’t even be on the task. 

Therefore being able to fulfill a client or customers request is just the first step, how efficiently and effectively we do our work is our primary focus. 

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