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Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs For: Switchboards Electrical Wiring Cooktops Rangehoods Ovens Lighting Ceiling Fans

Fast and local electrical repairs in the Sydney metropolitan areas. Justflow is the local electrician that is fast and affordable. With our prices remaining low we add value to every electrical repair we complete for our customers. Find out why we are one of Sydney’s fastest growing services and take advantage of our everyday low prices

Products We Use & Install

Only Quality Brands For Your Projects. Justflow Trade Services use reputable brands. Brands which provide an extensive warranty for fixtures and fittings for both your home and business. Make sure your getting the most for your budget and hire a maintenance and repair team that provides quality

electrical Fault repairs and part replacement 

What Electrical Repairs Are Most Common?

Justflow Electricians will not only test but also replace or upgrade the appliance. If we need to order a part we will but most likely our vans and utes are equipped with the right part to fix the fault on the spot. We’ll ensure your not left without a necessary item for a long time. All electrical parts we provide are also covered under warranty and our labour guarantee is very extensive

Most commonly our electricians repair:

  • Faulty Switchboards
  • Faulty Light Switches
  • Faulty Powerpoints
  • Damaged Wiring & Cables
  • Stove And Oven Connections
  • Cooktop Fuses and Wiring (Electric and Induction)
  • Rangehood Faults (Rangehood Lights/Connections)
  • Faulty IXL & Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Security Camera Issues
  • Speaker Wiring 
  • Media TV & Sound (Speakers)

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Justflow Electrical Installations VS Repair Services

While the bulk of our electrical works come from customers searching  electrical repair services near me. We also receive regular enquiries for appliance installers near me. Our local Sydney based electrician service caters to all electrical faults and installation services. We provide these essential services for our growing customer base and the growing demand for electrical services

Electrical Appliance Installations
Appliance Installer Near Me 40%
Electrical Repair Services
Electrical Repair Services Near Me 60%
Faulty Appliance Replacement Services

Common Causes For Electrical Faults

Generally electrical components are prone to failure for a number of reasons. The cause of the fault can result from outside interference or simply internal failure. Some common issues our electricians encounter include:

  • Water Damage
  • Overloaded Circuit
  • Faulty Cables
  • Loose Connectors
  • Rust or Calcium Build Up
  • Incorrect Cable Length
  • Old Fuses 
  • Sudden Power Surge
  • Faulty RCDs
  • Blackouts 

While the above issues are common so too are the repairs. Time after time we rectify these and many other issues relating to a customers faulty appliance needing replacement

Justflow Electricians will not only test but also replace or upgrade the parts required. We’ll ensure your not left without a necessary item for a long time. All appliances we provide are also covered under warranty and our labour guarantee is extensive

switchboard repairs SYDNEY

Switchboard Repair Service

Same Day Switchboard Repair Service Available

As part of our repair services we provide a same day switchboard repair service for fast switchboard repair and diagnosis. Most of our team are working hard to correctly repair customer’s household switchboards as well as business switchboard repairs

Local Sydney based switchboard repair experts

Any switchboard requires an electrician to professionally install and repair it. Justflow Electrical have been providing repair services for over a decade. With all our switchboard repairs coming with a 10 year labour guarantee for workmanship. If you need your circuits, fuses or any other component replaced or repairs get in touch with us today

Switchboard upgrade discount coupon

For a number of years our electric repair service has become a central focal point of our operations. The electrical team provides a ultra fast response to all types of electrical faults across Sydney. From switchboard repairs, power point repairs and lights and light switch repairs our team of qualified electricians can do it all

power point repair service near me

Need a Faulty Power Point Repaired?

Power points and outlets require a licensed electrician for repairs and installation. Live power causes electric shock or even worse loss of life. Don’t risk it! One of our local electricians ca fix a faulty power point or outlet properly. Justflow Electrical can even re-route power points to a new location if needed. In order to re route a power point we may need to route cabling, run and new circuit or connect to an existing one. Power point installation can be tricky at times. Therefore it requires an electrician with sound knowledge and experience. If you’ve purchased a new power point and need it installed were here to help. 

Power points can become faulty over time with loose connectors and frayed wiring. If you see sparks or the outlet trips appliances and devices then it needs attention. Although repairing an old power point is simple and easy, we always recommend replacing a faulty power outlet or point. Simply because repairs can be a temporary fix while replacement is always a better long term solution


Power Outlet Repairs or Replacement?

All power points are covered under warranty, but the warranty is voided if installed incorrectly

If you are experiencing faults with your current power points or power supply it is a good idea to call an electrician quickly. Make sure that you are keeping away from the power point for safety until it is replaced or repaired correctly. 

A licensed electrician such as the Justflow Electrical team will ensure all electrical circuits for your power outlets are run correctly. As well as the right amount of power to each point. We test the all electricals after installation for surge protection and fault find for potential issues which might cause damage. 

Our team are the power point installation and repair specialists helping thousands of Australian households each year.

repair a faulty light switch

Light Switch Repairs

Light Switch Not Working Properly?

Is your light flickering? Does your switch make a humming or buzzing noise? At times the wrong light fixture can be installed for the wrong switch type. And vice versa. A smart electrician will be able to determine which fitting will work with certain types of switches. In the long run the issue can cause problems to the light source or worse the circuit itself

Most of our maintenance repairs come from incorrect installations. We test and repair switches for homes and small businesses all the time. The good news is that most jobs are a quick and simple fix 

A licensed electrician such as the Justflow Electrical team will ensure all electrical switches for your house or business are run correctly. As well as the right amount of power to each light source and switch. We test the switching after installation for surge protection and fault find for potential issues

Our team are the light switch repair specialists if you’re experiencing issues give us a call 

light switch electrical repairs near me Sydney
Popular brands we install include:
controlling appliances using smart devices

Smart Home & Electrical Device Installation Services

Do You Use Smart Devices?

Smart devices such a TV, sound system, lighting and many others are now integrated with smartphones and voice control. Take advantage of the amazing configurations that take place when using these devices. 

Smart Device Installation and Configuration

When you configure these devices they communicate with Google, Amazon Alexa and Siri. Devices and appliances work seamlessly adding the right settings for your space. It’s not only easy but affordable to setup and manage. If you’re unsure of how contact our smart home electrical experts to help set this up for you

Ceiling Fan Installer Sydney Justflow Electrician

Get Your Free Home Safety Inspection

With Every Home Electrical Service Our Team Provides a Free Home Safety Inspection.

Testing for continuity and your safety switches and circuit breakers and wiring to ensure

 they are all working exactly as they should. 

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"Could not be happier with the work and price. Would highly recommend to anyone needing an Electrician, Plumber or Air Conditioning trade around the Liverpool and Moorebank area. I've been a local for many years and was happy with the renovation work they completed on my investment property"
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“Awesome job cleaning and servicing our aircons thanks guys !!! 😊”


Our main objective has always been to put the customer before a profit, measuring the success and failure of a business has always come down to how good your last job is. 

If we are not consistent in the quality of electrical, plumbing and air conditioning services we provide we won’t take on the task. 

Being able to fulfill a client or customers request is just the first step, how efficiently and effectively we do our work is our primary focus. 

We have to be able to deliver a service that we are proud to stand behind and we believe our work speaks for itself. Check out some of our work below to see for yourself