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Blocked drains and pipes are all too common. And at times a simple plunger may not work. Plungers can also be a temporary fix to a recurring blockage. An easy and cost effective way to get rid of the blockage once and for all is using a a Jet Blaster Machine. If you’re experiencing a blockage in your toilet, sink or sewerage a Jet Blaster service from Justflow will get it fixed. Our jet blast plumber service is Sydney wide 

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Only Quality Brands For Your Projects. Justflow Trade Services use reputable brands. Brands which provide an extensive warranty for fixtures and fittings for both your home and business. Make sure your getting the most for your budget and hire a maintenance and repair team that provides quality

Jet Blast Plumber

Why a Jet Blaster Unblocks Almost all Blocked Pipes

Jet blast service will almost always clear a blocked drain, sink or pipe. Why? Simply because of the power and pressure a jet blaster produces. A powerful jet blaster completely unblocks major and minor blockages as long as there is access to the main line where the blockage is occurring. If you are experiencing blocked drains, sinks or blocked toilets give our team a call for a fast, affordable jet blasting service

Blocked toilet repairs are the most common type of repair our jet blast plumber repairers look after. We are constantly called out to blocked toilet repair jobs. The causes can vary but usually comes from build up of toilet paper or baby wipes as well as children throwing items into the toilet

Sinks will calcify over time due to heavy use and food waste being drain continuously into the sink. Build up of bacteria and waste forms a hard calcium at times in and around the sink. When you jet blast a kitchen sink for example it breaks away the build up and causes much less pooling of water. Making for better water flow throughout the property

Sewerage and waste is a main culprit for blockages in Sydney. From over use of toilet rolls to flushing baby wipes and other materials down the toilet. There a re a number of reasons why home and businesses have blocked sewer pipes which need repair or jet blasting

For blocked mains pipes a jet blast will not only clear years of debris and waste but we can also reline the existing mains pipe work to protect it for future use

Jet Blasting Services - How Does It Work?

Why is a Jet Blast for blocked toilets and drains effective?

Jet blast machines use high pressure to infiltrate the plumbing pipes and directly blast the blockage with high pressure water. The pressure is anywhere between 1500 -3000 PSI. 

Super strong and effective for clearing waste and other material which may have caused the blockage to begin with. In most cases we find that wet wipes, hair build up, human waste and even “disposable” nappies are the culprits for a blocked toilet, sink, drain or pipe


If you or a family member is experiencing symptoms of dizziness, nausea or vomiting please seek urgent medical attention (000). If symptoms are faint please call for urgent assistance on gas leak detection & repairs

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Testing & Inspecting Once We Complete Your Jet Blasting Service

Once a Jet Blast plumber in Sydney has completed the jet blasting service, our team thoroughly test and verify that the jet blast was successful. To date we have had a 100% success rate where all other methods of removing a blocked drain has failed. Our jet blaster machines are regularly serviced and maintained to provide maximum output/pressure ensuring your job is done every time. There is nothing worse than having to pay for a service twice simply because it was not done correctly the first time. We understand this and therefore conduct the necessary jet blast testing on completion of each service

If you are located in or around the Sydney metropolitan areas our team of local plumbers can be on site usually within the same business day.

Our vehicles are equipped with all the necessary equipment including Jet Blasting equipment to attend to the problem quickly. We can also pressure test and provide a workmanship guarantee once completed. Get in touch with a local Justflow Plumbing professional 24 hours day 7 days a week via telephone numbers provided above or simply call our helpdesk on 1300 350 330

Jet Blast Plumber Sydney blocked drain toielt repair

what are the type of blockages that i need to use a jet blast plumber?

Typical Blockages Our Jet Blast Plumbers Repair

Blocked Drains

Drains are typically located in wet areas of the house or property. Depending on what these areas are exposed to will depend on the type of blockage a drain may encounter. Blocked drains are common because it is not just water that falls into a drain. Usually we find calcium build up and hair. Outdoor drains however will encounter tree branches, leaves and dirt

Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet unfortunately a very typical issue home owners face when flushing waste and other materials down the toilet. At times baby wipes, hair and calcium build up also cause a blocked toilet. It is important to clear the blockage quickly as over time a blocked toilet only gets worse

Blocked Sewerage or Mains

Over time sewerage pipes become clogged and eventually block up. This can also occur for mains pipes which supply and distribute water supply in and around the house or property

Blocked Drain Repair Services - Our Plumbing Expertise

Available for 24/7 Emergency Service

Blocked drains and toilets are common among Sydney homes. Justflow guarantee to unblock a clogged drain or clogged up toilet fast. Don’t get stuck with the nasty smell and act quickly to ensure there is no overflow which can cause damage or an expensive or smelly clean up. We also provide drain cleaning services for general maintenance

Wether you require a gas line repair or simply need to have your gas connection fitted by one of our plumbers. Justflow can help you with Gas services across all suburbs within Sydney. Our licensed plumbers can work with Jemena and make sure that all provisions are supplied and connected correctly for both residential and commercial gas plumbing requirements. 

Industrial and commercial sites require qualified and technical  commercial plumbing solutions for installation and supply of plumbing to heavy machinery and equipment. Engaging a commercial team reduces downtime and costly errors when dealing with expensive equipment and machinery. Find out more by calling 1300 350 330

Many Sydney residents and home owners update their bathrooms or renovate existing spaces. Spaces we can help remodel include bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. If you need an honest and reliable licensed plumbing team to help we can help Our plumbers install or supply and install your tapware, showers, vanity units effectively

Justflow Plumbing can provide ongoing maintenance to Strata and Real Estates across Sydney. Properties need regular maintenance to avoid expensive problems at a later stage. Our team can schedule regular up keep through maintenance logs and site check ups. Get our licensed plumbing team to effectively maintain your plumbing 

Don’t get caught without hot water. Innovations in Hot Water heater systems have made it affordable and cost efficient for every Australian household. Justflow can supply and install your hot water heater fast and the best price guaranteed. We supply most brand names and warrant our installations

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