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The Air Conditioning Filter – Why is it so important?

Never has breathing clean mattered more, with the recent COVID 19 outbreak property owners have turned their attention to cleanliness and safety measures surrounding their homes and office space.

The need to breathe clean air, drink clean water and consuming better food has become a focal point since our health was put on notice during early 2020.

With a greater emphasis now on our own well being and our families health people have also turned their attention to their lifestyle and what changes they can make for better living.

The most essential being the air we breathe and making sure it is as clean as it possibly can be.
Free from airborne toxins, mould, bacteria and other contamination.

In order to get the most out of the air you breathe at home or at work, Air Conditioning Filter Cleaning is a very vital aspect that may need your urgent attention. Justflow Air Conditioning Services have been servicing air conditioning systems for many years and the images of some of the neglected air filters would absolutely shock you! Take it from the team they have seen some pretty neglected systems and found the root cause of why occupants of the property being at home or at an office have continually been getting sick.

Many people have asked our Air Conditioning Team “what goes into a air conditioning service?”, “what is a bag clean?”. Our resident expert Rob broke down facts and the myths surrounding the importance of servicing your air conditioning unit and the health benefits.

Air Conditioning Filter Cleaning [Internal air conditioning filter only]

If you’re wondering how to clean air conditioning filters don’t worry, Air Conditioning filter cleaning can be a simple process if you are a little handy. Firstly locate the internal unit and unscrew the screws surrounding the screen that protects the filter.

Once unscrewed you can pull the filter from the housing by sliding it out carefully. Once done take a household vacuum cleaner and vacuum the dust and debris softly using the bristle head if available.

Keeping the filter upright helps keep the process clean without kicking dust particles up in the air or behind the filter itself. Vacuum in a uniform motion and do this repetitively three times to make sure you dislodge any stubborn particles

Ensure that the vacuum you are using is not high powered or an industrial strength vacuum as it may destroy the filter.

How to clean Air Conditioning FilterAir Conditioning Filter Bunnings Air Conditioning Filter Cleaning

It is a good idea to rinse and use a cloth to thoroughly clean cloth with soapy water to clean the surrounding areas of the filter and the housing also as these can also be a build up area for dust and other contaminants.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE A MAS AND CORRECT PPE when cleaning an internal air conditioning filter and make sure that the area is clear from occupants for at least 2-4 hours.

Air Conditioning Filter Replacement

After a number of years air conditioning filters will fail due to natural wear and tear and being exposed to continuos hot and cold temperatures.

It is at this point that you should make sure to that an air conditioning filter replacement is purchased, some models are available from your local Bunnings store. Others such as Daikin, Carrier and Mitsubishi  must can be ordered through the Justflow Air Conditioning team who usually help reduce the cost to consumers by providing their trade discount rates from wholesalers to the customer.

Air Conditioning filters should be replaced every year to keep air healthy and clear, however we have seen customers push this period to two years without heavy usage of the Air Conditioning system

Clean air is vital to good health, in many instances we have seen customers complain of symptoms such as headaches, migraines, regular sickness, allergic reactions and much more and in order to get the very best from your indoor space your air should not be the cause for such problems or a decline in your health.

Many people believe that an air conditioning filter can be left for 5 years or more without having to clean or replace it. Other customers DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT AIR CONDITIONING FILTERS MUST BE SERVICED.

A good air conditioning installer or technician should advise of maintenance schedules and keep a log reminding clients that their AC system will need attention.

Air Conditioning Bag Clean

Other types of services which are now more common for internal split system air conditioning units are bag cleaning. Where the whole system is wrapped in a drainage bag with a funnel leading to a bucket, which catches all the contaminants leaving the AC system. This type of service gets into the blades and even cleans the coils of the air conditioning unit which usually is where most of the harmful bacteria lives. This is also a great way to kill mould and everyone is aware of how harmful mould can be when exposed to humans

The Justflow Air Conditioning Team

Our Air Conditioning team is here to help where ever we can. We have helped thousands of Sydney residents and hundreds of Sydney businesses both large and small with their air conditioning problems.

If you need more advise or help with your system we are available on 1300 350 330

Or check out our team and some of the fantastic work we do across Sydney


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