Blocked Drain Plumbers in Sydney & When Should You Use One?

Try this handy and helpful technique which could save you money on calling a local Sydney Plumber

Most plumbers will come out and try these steps before using any type of equipment or machinery to unlock your toilet, drain or sink.

So why not try them yourself first, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars to expensive call out fees or Jet Blast costs.

First it is important to not continually flush the toilet. Or let the water run to the point where there is overflow from the sink, toilet, drain or tub. This makes it a much less messier job.

So what do I need for this dirty job?

You will need a plunger and there are various types that are available from your local Bunnings store or Reece stores.

Stock and pricing will obviously vary among various plumbing stores in Sydney.

The type of plunger you will need depends on the type of blockage you have. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

For flat surfaces such as a

  • Stainless steel
  • Kitchen sink
  • Stone vanity
  • Ceramic vanity
  • Laundry sink,
  • Shower grate
  • Drainage grate
  • Bath tub

A plunger pictured below will do the trick.

Plunger Justflow Plumbing unblock toilet unblock drain blocked pipes

However if you have a blocked toilet then there is a different type of plunger that is specialised for toilet bowls and cisterns pictured below

GP 101 Toilet Plunger from Bunnings stores across Sydney

It is important to know the difference between these two plungers. And to make sure you purchase and use the correct one for the type of blocked pipe in your property

Once you have the right type of plunger in hand it’s time to do some light plumbing

First try and clear and debris away from the plunger as you do not want this lodged in the plunger itself

Place the lip if the plunger as flush as possible against the blocked drain blocked sink or blocked toilet. Then fix the suction pad against the surface firmly.

Now to get pumping!

Once secured, give the plunger a few strong pumps up and down in a vertical motion. Make sure to keep the pressure against the surface and to ensure the plunger does not become dislodged against a slippery surface

After a few pumps you will hear pressure build up and movement within the blocked toilet, drain pipe or sink

This means that you have done a good enough job of creating a vacuum inside the pipe to dislodge some or all of the blockage inside the pipes.

If this has not unblocked it then repeat the process a few more times. It is important to be patient as a little goes a long way with the unblocking process. Continue to keep the lip of the plunger secure to the surface as the suction may need to build up before releasing the blockage or the blockage may be further down the plumbing pipes and may need more time to pump the plunger

It worked!

If the blockage is clear and you have full use of your plumbing systems again then thank us later. Most common household problems can be a simple fix.

You just need a handy little blog, a bit of elbow grease and a tool or two to tackle it head on. There is a little handyman in all of us!

Still Blocked? It’s time to call the local plumber

After 20-30 mins if there is no result, it may be time to call a plumber. Local plumbers will have appropriate machinery such as a Jet Blaster or a drain snake to dislodge the blockage from the pipes.

Keep in mind a plumber will repeat the same steps mentioned above before he/she will use other methods to dislodge the stubborn blockage

It can be costly if you are not careful in selecting the right plumber. Local companies like Justflow Trade Services, located in Parramatta and Moorebank NSW, will provide this service for a cheap and affordable price. We provide the service to home and businesses a like across all Sydney suburbs

As always if you need help with a blockage in your premises get in touch with our blocked drain plumber service

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