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Ceiling Fan Installation Service and Repairs

Our guide on ceiling fans and installation services

A 2022 guide to installation and savings benefits to your home or rental property

Sitting in a room that has no air flow or ventilation can suck. A simple life hack is a ceiling fan installation for those hot summer days and nights
Like many Sydney customers you may have shopped and found a ceiling fan from your local Bunnings or Beacon Lighting store. You may have a few questions now so read on and we’ll answer some of those questions for you

Firstly what type of ceiling fan is best?

Typically a choice of 3 blade or 4 blade ceiling fans. 4 blade fans are quieter than 3 blade but move less air around the space than 3 blade ceiling fans. As a result every fan type has a positive and negative

Can I use a ceiling fan with my air conditioning system?

Yes absolutely. If you use the ceiling fan in conjunction with air conditioning, your air flow is vastly improved. This is a great way to improve air flow through out the home. However do this for short periods of time to reduce your energy costs. A frequent burst of clean purified air pushed through out the home combats odors, bacteria build up and fresh oxygenated air through out the property for better breathability and health

Can you install the ceiling fan yourself or do you need an electrician? 

The simple answer is NO you will need an electrician and here’s a few reasons why
  • Installing a ceiling fan involves working with live electrical cables, DO NOT RISK YOUR SAFETY for a small fee
  • Most manufacturers will void a warranty if it is not installed by a licensed professional
  • Most new ceiling fans may need two way switching and running of added electrical cable for connection
  • Installations may not be very straight forward. Older homes pose more safety concerns
  • Reputable Electricians like Justflow Electrical provide labour warranty with the manufacturer warranty

Is it expensive to install?

No it generally isn’t expensive and here’s how to get a low price installation done

  1. Choose an electrician that specialises in home maintenance specifically
  2. Check the electrician’s website to see the mention of home maintenance and ceiling fan installation service
  3. Make sure the electrician is local and services all suburbs not just his/her local area
  4. Ensure the electrician is licensed and insured
  5. Confirm that all labour is guaranteed and ceiling fans supplied come with a warranty period

Therefore depending on who you choose, some electricians charge much more than what the job should actually cost. And unfortunately as with most industries the market does have a few bad eggs that can charge like a wounded bull.

Simply put it is always best practice to follow the above 5 steps. To ensure you are getting a service that meets your needs

Will installing a ceiling fan save me money in the long run?

In conclusion yes. Ceiling fans use much less energy than a ducted air conditioning or split system air conditioning units.

As a result the savings are phenomenal and with todays whisper quiet fans the added benefit is that they can be nearly as quiet as the Ducted and Split system AC units. 


Ceiling Fan installation Sydney Parramatta Moorebank Liverepool

Ceiling fan installation job completed in Parramatta, a local suburb located in Western Sydney NSW

Installing LED lighting? Your Must Read Guide

LED installation can take a property from ordinary to wow quite easily. Homes incorporate LED installation and designs to add major value to a tired or ordinary space. We show you examples of simple strategies you can use to get the most out of your LED installation project


LED installation stairs local electrician justflow electrical Beacon Lighting Bunnings lighting
Justflow Electrical LED installation is a masterpiece and was featured on Beacon Lighting Social pages for the pure precision and finish of this site in the Western Suburbs Sydney NSW


Justflow Electrician installing Black LED Linear Lights in white ceiling SydneyLED-downlight-strip-light-installation-Commercial Electrician In Sydney

Strip Lights or Downlights?

Why Linear LED Strip Lights? And Why Not Just Install Downlights?

Let me explain this and break down a few key points here. The most common question we receive when planning a new home build or home renovation is “Why wouldn’t I just install downlights and save time and money?

Well downlights unlike conventional battens or oyster lights require careful preparation, precise measuring, plug bases, cut outs and not to mention space above your ceiling. Which can be problematic when an electrician hits a timber or aluminium stud

Downlights are also becoming outdated. “Increase a projects value by staying current with themes and trends”

With more and more overseas manufacturers downlights entering our market with intense competition between them, there is a visible decline in downlight quality

Once quality falls below standard the safety risk increases and these risks can range from electric shock to fire hazards


So what to do? If you do decide to choose downlights as your main lighting source throughout the space, make sure you purchase a quality fitting. Saving $5 or $10 can cost you much more in the long run.

However if you are looking for modern, clean finishes with minimalist design consider using LED strip lighting.

Linear LED strip lights look great and avoid many of the problems that come with installing standard down lights

By following the easy steps below you will be well on your way to enhancing the look of your home or office

Led stair lights Sydney Electrician Justflow Electrical designer lights


It helps to plan carefully. The areas in which you plan to install the LED strip lights should diffuse the light softly at the chosen location.

There is nothing more un appealing than a LED which is misplaced and does not diffuse correctly. In most cases this will cause a spot effect and the individual LED’s can be seen through the diffuser or in some cases not using a diffuser at all.

Diffuser types with various LED lighting effects

Good ideas are places such as above/below feature walls, under the lip of stairs (bullnose), behind cabinetry or recessed within timber or laminate panels. You are definitely not limited for options here so use your imagination and let your creative juices flow!


Choose the location carefully however and take appropriate measurements of the length of LED strip light needed, the length of the aluminum profile in which the LED lights will sit in and the size of the cutouts needed if you plan to recess the extrusions.

A the old saying goes measure twice cut once and this has never been more pertinent than when measuring size of aluminium extrusion and the LED itself. The next measurement you will need is the length of low voltage (Figure 8) cable needed from the chosen end of the aluminum profile.

A good rule of thumb is to allow for an additional 30% for wastage. At times when running cables there are always obstacles and bends which are met, these obstacles will make it harder to run the low voltage cable to the ceiling to sit behind a cavity or space which can be easily accessed later. This space will house the driver in which will power the LED strip lights. The power usually needed is 12V. However this can be up to 24V. Depending on the type of LED lighting chosen.


  • Clean the chosen area thoroughly. Making sure nothing will interfere with the lighting. As small bits of dirt dust and other substances will be evident on completion
  • Measure the desired span of the track or LED lighting to be installed
  • Ensure that you clearly lay out the LED lighting and double check fittings to ensure a correct fit
  • Use appropriate fixings as loose tracks are a hazard when placed overhead
  • Ensure LED’s are not exposed to the elements unless they are IP rated
  • Choose LED Colors carefully and ensure they match the rest of the projects lighting scheme


A licensed electrician will be able to provide the wiring an cables during the rough in stage of a project. Or simply retrofit from existing electrical cabling at the property. Installation of LED strip lighting requires a step down transformer most commonly down to 12v. The transformer must be accessible for future replacement and never tucked behind a sealed section of your ceiling or walls. Hard wiring is required so a licensed electrician will provide all the connections. Which are necessary for any strip lights or track lighting.

You must choose the most appropriate run and placement for the lighting installation

Track lights can be recessed or have an external protrusion what you choose is entirely based on preference.

Good planning will always make the installation a lot smoother. And will help the electrician bring your projects vision to life. LED’s are also smart home capable in todays market. Which means they can be configured to smart home Apps and Software such as Google, Alexa and Siri.

If you would like to get even more creative link your smart LED strip lights to the IFTT App to set routines and rules around times of the day and connectivity to other smart home devices For instance if your smart lock is opened your lights automatically turn on and a playlist of your choice is played on the home speaker system (Sonos or other systems). The TV is turned on and kettle boils a coffee all at the same time

If you would like to learn more contact a Justflow Electrician to help create your perfect scenario complete with LED lighting and smart home connectivity solutions. Contact us


Switchboard Upgrades & Repairs. A Guide For Sydney Home and Business Owners

Switchboard repairs are common. Justflow Trade Services have expert electricians who deal with a range of switchboard faults and repairs every week. Below we talk about common problems with switchboards. How to avoid them. And how to get the most out of your switchboard repairs and services

A Complete Guide For Home and Business Owners Who Experience Electrical Issues Caused By Faulty or Old Switchboards in Sydney

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is quote.png

‍”It is critical that your home is safe from electrical hazards and it all starts at your switchboard

– Justflow Electrical

Common Switch Board Repairs and Their and Diagnosing The Main Board

  • Does Your Power Trip?
  • Are You Experiencing Power Loss With Certain Electrical Items Turned On?
  • Do Your Fuses Blow Regularly?
  • Are You Losing Power To Certain Areas of The Property?
  • Is Your Switchboard Using Ceramic Fuses?

Unfortunately if you answered yes to any of the above questions your switchboard needs attention. In addition most switchboards will work correctly if setup and wired by a licensed professional.

Similarly some electricians have not followed Australian Guidelines in the past. (AS 61439 Switchboard Wiring Standards).

It is important to note:

Firstly typical switchboard installations require adequate distribution of power across all areas of a property. Secondly certain appliances draw more power than others. Hence why household cooktops and ovens require a separate circuit. While the same applies to lighting and power outlets

Secondly power loads will vary from site to site. Therefore during an installation there must be adequate distribution without overloading a circuit

Lastly circuits that become overloaded can cause damage to appliances as well as become a safety hazard. Sometimes even causing causing fire.

Sound knowledge and implementation of Australian Standards are imperative in order to keep occupants of a home or business safe.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Switchboard-Upgrades-Diagram.jpg
Mains power distribution starts from overhead street supply. Travelling through consumer mains, down to a switchboard.
Power becomes distributed into the switchboard and into the home’s circuits.
From the circuits it divides across power points and light switches.
These in turn power a home’s appliances and connected devices

Replace or Repair Your Switchboard?

Owners and property managers should consider 2 options regarding their property’s switchboard. Below we’ll outline what each involves and what best suits your needs

Repairing The Switchboard

Repairs help rectify issues related to incorrect wiring and overloaded circuits.

Sometimes repairs are very simple. For instance it could just be a simple fuse replacement

Other times however we may need to investigate. Investigating cabling can help locate the source of the issue

Switchboard Repairs and Replacement

All old ceramic fuses and asbestos switchboards should be replaced

Old switchboards can contain asbestos. These must be changed

You might be thinking it may be time upgrade my switchboard and you may be right. Your switchboard is the core of your home’s entire electrical distribution. Problems at the switchboard can be costly to appliances and potentially fatal if not rectified.

Simply swapping out your main board could help in a number of ways.

New switchboards draw less energy from the grid. Resulting in a reduction in energy bills which can be a great saving over time.

Previous homes used copper wiring which can become a hazard. Copper was the wiring of choice for many years throughout Sydney homes.

Over time however they can become damaged or frayed. Hence the need for upgrading old wiring and main board

Also if exposed or come into contact with internal and external leaks throughout the house or property

Hence we now use much better wiring throughout the home and back to the mains and switchboard

I’m Ready To Upgrade My Switchboard

Firstly contact your local electrician ensuring they meet all the trade requirements. Something which we’ve outlined in our previous post about electrician hire in Sydney

Secondly the electrician will come out and assess the job

Thirdly the electrician will provide a quote

Your quotation should be consistent with the requirements of the switchboard upgrade


Who Disconnects The Switchboard?

A Licensed Level 2 Electrician must disconnect and reconnect services relating to mains power

How Long Do Switchboard Repairs or Upgrades Take?

It is best to allow for one working day for the switchboard to be upgraded or repaired. However it can be a lot faster if the electrician has prepared the board ready for installation off site

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is quote.png

Switchboard repairs cannot be completed without a qualified electrical contractor

Ceramic Fuses or RCD’s?

Ceramic Fuses used to be the industry standard for use across switchboards in Sydney many years ago. The rules and standards have been changed. The technology is outdated.

Additionally older switchboards are being phased out by the NSW Government

Switchboards now use RCD (residual current device). RCD’s provide better resistance, safety and quality

In 2021 to add a power point or power outlet outlet to your home you must have an upgraded switchboard for the safety of occupants in the premises. RCD’s are now a must have for homes in Sydney.

Power Consumption From The Switchboard Repairs

Customers may opt to upgrade the appliances in their homes or add a power points. Or possibly add new appliances. There are a multitude of reasons why you may need new power points installed. Making sure your switchboard can handle the capacity is really important

Ensuring your switchboard is up to the job is imperative. It saves your appliances and devices from potential damage.

Here are just some examples of items that draw large amounts of power from the switchboard at your property

kitchen, furniture, interior-1640439.jpg
Installation of Ovens and Combination Ovens

Ovens are a culprit for consuming a lot of power. They need a separate circuit for connection

There are a multitude of reasons why you may need new power points installed and before this is done making sure your switchboard is up to Australian building standards is critical‍
Cooktop Installation
Gas Hot water heater installation and service Sydney
Hot water system installation in addition to Supply

Hot Water systems are a huge draw for power As a result of gas and solar requirements. Therefore additional savings can be made when using energy efficient units

tesla, supercharger, battery-1724773.jpg
Tesla Wall Battery Installation & EV Charger installation experts

As a result of innovation we are moving rapidly to rely more on lithium and battery power. Therefore Home batteries, vehicles chargers and household devices require more power. In conclusion switchboards need more power. Hence why upgrades are necessary

Switchboard upgrade Sydney based electrician services
Justflow Electrician upgrading a switchboard as well as installing a
smart meter for a local Parramatta job site

Justflow Electrician | Plumber | Air Conditioning

To conclude ensure you are choosing a team who are focused on quality. At times simply choosing the cheapest electrician can hurt your pocket in the long run. Therefore it is important to select an electrical company who provides a stand out service. Our Switchboard repairs are backed by our Labour Guarantee and come with an extended parts warranty

If you require more information simply get in touch with our friendly team. Above all we love to help wherever we can

Blocked Drain Plumbers in Sydney & When Should You Use One?

Handy tips which could save you money on calling a local Sydney blocked drain plumber service

Most times a blocked drain plumber will come out and try these steps before using any type of equipment or machinery to unblock your toilet, drain or sink.

So why not try them yourself first, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars to expensive call out fees for jetblast plumber services.

First it is important to not continually flush the toilet. Or let the water run to the point where there is overflow from the sink, toilet, drain or tub. This makes it a much less messier job.

So what do you need to start unblocking your own drain or sink?

blocked drain plumber near me icon

Don't search for a blocked drain plumbing specialist just yet..

You will need a plunger and there are various types that are available from your local Bunnings store or Reece stores.

Stock and pricing will obviously vary among various plumbing stores in Sydney.

The type of plunger you will need depends on the type of blockage you have. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

For flat surfaces such as a

  • Stainless steel
  • Kitchen sink
  • Stone vanity
  • Ceramic vanity
  • Laundry sink,
  • Shower grate
  • Drainage grate
  • Bath tub

A plunger pictured below will do the trick.

Plunger Justflow Plumbing unblock toilet unblock drain blocked pipes

However if you have a blocked toilet then there is a different type of plunger that is specialised for toilet bowls and cisterns pictured below


GP 101 Toilet Plunger from Bunnings stores across Sydney

It is important to know the difference between these two plungers. And to make sure you purchase and use the correct one for the type of blocked pipe in your property

Once you have the right type of plunger in hand it’s time to do some light plumbing

First try and clear and debris away from the plunger as you do not want this lodged in the plunger itself

Place the lip if the plunger as flush as possible against the blocked drain blocked sink or blocked toilet. Then fix the suction pad against the surface firmly.

Now to get pumping!

Once secured, give the plunger a few strong pumps up and down in a vertical motion. Make sure to keep the pressure against the surface and to ensure the plunger does not become dislodged against a slippery surface

After a few pumps you will hear pressure build up and movement within the blocked toilet, drain pipe or sink

This means that you have done a good enough job of creating a vacuum inside the pipe to dislodge some or all of the blockage inside the pipes.

If this has not unblocked it then repeat the process a few more times. It is important to be patient as a little goes a long way with the unblocking process. Continue to keep the lip of the plunger secure to the surface as the suction may need to build up before releasing the blockage or the blockage may be further down the plumbing pipes and may need more time to pump the plunger

Success! The drain, toilet or sink is now unblocked!

If the blockage is clear and you have full use of your plumbing systems again then thank us later. Most common household problems can be a simple fix. You can now save money on the cost of calling a blocked drain plumber to provide the same service.

Blocked drains are a perfect example that you may not need a tradie such as a plumber to come out if you can roll the sleeves up first. 

You just need a handy little blog, a bit of elbow grease and a tool or two to tackle it head on. 

There is a little handyman in all of us!

Still Blocked? Time to call a local blocked drain plumber

After 20-30 mins if there is no result, it may be time to call a plumber. Local plumbers will have appropriate machinery such as a Jet Blaster or a drain snake to dislodge the blockage from the pipes.

Keep in mind a plumber will repeat the same steps mentioned above before he/she will use other methods to dislodge the stubborn blockage

It can be costly if you are not careful in selecting the right plumber. Local companies like Justflow Trade Services, located in Parramatta and Moorebank NSW, will provide this service for a cheap and affordable price. We provide the service to home and businesses a like across all Sydney suburbs

As always if you need help with a blockage in your premises get in touch with our blocked drain plumber service

Cheap Jet Blasting and blocked drain clearing services near me leaking taps and leak detection


The blocked drain plumbing experts in Sydney – Justflow Trade Services

What else can a blocked drain plumber do?

One of the most common services is of course repairs for all blocked drain sink and toilets. A local Sydney plumber will firstly provide attempt to fix the blockage using a plumber or similar apparatus. However if the problem does persist a blocked drain plumber has the tools to inspect the blockage and diagnose what’s causing the issue. Camera inspections will determine if the pipe needs to be jetblasted, pumped and cleared. This in majority of blockages fixes the problem right away. 

Air Con Filter Replacement and Regular Service

The Air Conditioning Filter – Why is it so important?

Never has breathing clean mattered more, with the recent COVID 19 outbreak property owners have turned their attention to cleanliness and safety measures surrounding their homes and office space.

The need to breathe clean air, drink clean water and consuming better food has become a focal point since our health was put on notice during early 2020.

With a greater emphasis now on our own well being and our families health people have also turned their attention to their lifestyle and what changes they can make for better living.

The most essential being the air we breathe and making sure it is as clean as it possibly can be.
Free from airborne toxins, mould, bacteria and other contamination.

In order to get the most out of the air you breathe at home or at work, Air Conditioning Filter Cleaning is a very vital aspect that may need your urgent attention. Justflow Air Conditioning Services have been servicing air conditioning systems for many years and the images of some of the neglected air filters would absolutely shock you! Take it from the team they have seen some pretty neglected systems and found the root cause of why occupants of the property being at home or at an office have continually been getting sick.

Many people have asked our Air Conditioning Team “what goes into a air conditioning service?”, “what is a bag clean?”. Our resident expert Rob broke down facts and the myths surrounding the importance of servicing your air conditioning unit and the health benefits.

Air Conditioning Filter Cleaning [Internal air conditioning filter only]

If you’re wondering how to clean air conditioning filters don’t worry, Air Conditioning filter cleaning can be a simple process if you are a little handy. Firstly locate the internal unit and unscrew the screws surrounding the screen that protects the filter.

Once unscrewed you can pull the filter from the housing by sliding it out carefully. Once done take a household vacuum cleaner and vacuum the dust and debris softly using the bristle head if available.

Keeping the filter upright helps keep the process clean without kicking dust particles up in the air or behind the filter itself. Vacuum in a uniform motion and do this repetitively three times to make sure you dislodge any stubborn particles

Ensure that the vacuum you are using is not high powered or an industrial strength vacuum as it may destroy the filter.

How to clean Air Conditioning FilterAir Conditioning Filter Bunnings Air Conditioning Filter Cleaning

It is a good idea to rinse and use a cloth to thoroughly clean cloth with soapy water to clean the surrounding areas of the filter and the housing also as these can also be a build up area for dust and other contaminants.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE A MAS AND CORRECT PPE when cleaning an internal air conditioning filter and make sure that the area is clear from occupants for at least 2-4 hours.

Air Conditioning Filter Replacement

After a number of years air conditioning filters will fail due to natural wear and tear and being exposed to continuos hot and cold temperatures.

It is at this point that you should make sure to that an air conditioning filter replacement is purchased, some models are available from your local Bunnings store. Others such as Daikin, Carrier and Mitsubishi  must can be ordered through the Justflow Air Conditioning team who usually help reduce the cost to consumers by providing their trade discount rates from wholesalers to the customer.

Air Conditioning filters should be replaced every year to keep air healthy and clear, however we have seen customers push this period to two years without heavy usage of the Air Conditioning system

Clean air is vital to good health, in many instances we have seen customers complain of symptoms such as headaches, migraines, regular sickness, allergic reactions and much more and in order to get the very best from your indoor space your air should not be the cause for such problems or a decline in your health.

Many people believe that an air conditioning filter can be left for 5 years or more without having to clean or replace it. Other customers DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT AIR CONDITIONING FILTERS MUST BE SERVICED.

A good air conditioning installer or technician should advise of maintenance schedules and keep a log reminding clients that their AC system will need attention.

Air Conditioning Bag Clean

Other types of services which are now more common for internal split system air conditioning units are bag cleaning. Where the whole system is wrapped in a drainage bag with a funnel leading to a bucket, which catches all the contaminants leaving the AC system. This type of service gets into the blades and even cleans the coils of the air conditioning unit which usually is where most of the harmful bacteria lives. This is also a great way to kill mould and everyone is aware of how harmful mould can be when exposed to humans

The Justflow Air Conditioning Team

Our Air Conditioning team is here to help where ever we can. We have helped thousands of Sydney residents and hundreds of Sydney businesses both large and small with their air conditioning problems.

If you need more advise or help with your system we are available on 1300 350 330

Or check out our team and some of the fantastic work we do across Sydney

Hiring a Tradie In Sydney? What You Need To Know

With the recent boom in the Sydney housing market, trades and trade service providers have seen a massive increase in demand and so has the price to engage one.

As more an more players enter the market to meet the increase in demand the quality of work naturally dips. The important steps to take are sometimes forgotten and quite often hard working home owners, tenants and agents are taken advantage of. Avoiding the tradies who provide poor quality and ridiculous quotes can sometimes be a challenge but following simple measures can ensure you don’t become a victim of either of these.

Firstly understanding the issue is important. There are a few main factors for the increase in dodgy tradies.

  • As demand has grown for trade personnel, many employers have had to employ sub standard staff and unqualified or un skilled staff members to meet the demand
  • Due to the increase in demand less time is spent training new employees
  • The influx of potential tradies wanting to earn good money has reduced requirements being met
  • Shortcuts are being taken at the tertiary level to attain a license
  • Some training organisations have even been known to sell licenses for a fee
  • Increase in work has meant less time available to complete small jobs and therefore quotes have been astronomical in some cases as the organisation simply doesn’t care if quote is accepted or not

The good news is that in between the influx of new apprentices and trade providers there are still quote a few trustworthy and honest organisations. Organisations who still provide honest pricing and fantastic services

The challenge is being able to identify who they are and how to find them

Honest Tradies in Sydney Justflow Trade Services Local Emergency Repairs

Ok, so where can I find these tradies?

Great service providers always leave a lasting impression and standout from the crowd. This is true for most service based business and is no different in the trade sector. Below are a few key ways to help identify them

Online Presence

Online presence. First impressions are important and ensuring the tradie is not just listed on Google Maps but has a legitimate website. Being listed on google maps is simple. Having a great website is not

Customised Photos

Does the website show custom photos of work completed and not generic borrowed photos from the web?

Time in The Trade

How long has the company been in operation? Years of experience means they’ve made their mistakes and learnt from them. No company is perfect and mistakes will be made but growth only comes through experience

Are They Local?

Is the company local to you? Or are they centrally located to meet the demand of their customer base?


Does the company provide maintenance? Great trade companies provide general services such as maintenance in bulk therefore having a simple job completed is much cheaper as they can add it as part of their daily schedule


How fast did they pick up your phone call or reply to your online enquiry? If this is not met you can only imagine what could be the case when you need them later

Negativity or a Can Do Attitude?

What was is their general attitude once you called? A good attitude to a problem means the tradies are optimistic, and confident. Bad attitudes or un helpful, dull tones leave much to be desired for especially when your a paying customer. Read the signs early and keep contacting tradies until you find the one that makes you feel comfortable about entering your home and helping resolve your problem

Licensed and Insured?

Is the tradesman or woman licensed and insured? This is a no brainer. There is no harm in asking this question and ensuring you are dealing with a licensed professional and not a backyard hack job

Quotation Time Frame?

How fast did you get a quote? A fast response to your issue usually means that the organisation has encountered similar issues and has been successful in resolving it. It also means that there internal process is efficient

Who Are their Suppliers?

Ask what products and or suppliers they use. Another no brainer but sadly not commonly asked by customers. Using reputable suppliers means that any product is covered by a warranty period and usually a labour guarantee from the tradie. Quality suppliers and products last longer than cheap knock offs, which add more money to the bottom line of dodgy tradies.

Justflow Trade Services Still Sydney’s First Choice

The building and construction landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. Keeping up to date with changes in provider behavior and reducing costs is critical. Be smart about your options as a consumer

We hope this quick and helpful guide helps readers avoid making a potentially bad decision when it matters most

Liverpool and Parramatta Electrcician, Plumber & Air Con service experts