Ceiling Fan Installation Service and Repairs

Our guide on ceiling fans and installation services

A 2022 guide to installation and savings benefits to your home or rental property

Sitting in a room that has no air flow or ventilation can suck. A simple life hack is a ceiling fan installation for those hot summer days and nights
Like many Sydney customers you may have shopped and found a ceiling fan from your local Bunnings or Beacon Lighting store. You may have a few questions now so read on and we’ll answer some of those questions for you

What type of ceiling fan is best?

Typically you have the choice of 3 blade or 4 blade ceiling fans. 4 blade fans are quieter than 3 blade but move less air around the space than 3 blade ceiling fans.

Can I use a ceiling fan with my air conditioning system?

Yes absolutely. If you use the ceiling fan in conjunction with air conditioning, your air flow is vastly improved. This is a great way to improve air flow through out the home. However we recommend doing this for short periods of time to reduce your energy costs. A frequent burst of clean purified air pushed through out the home combats odors, bacteria build up and fresh oxygenated air through out the property for better breathability and health

Can you install the ceiling fan yourself or do you need an electrician?

The simple answer is NO you will need an electrician and here’s a few reasons why
  • Installing a ceiling fan involves working with live electrical cables, DO NOT RISK YOUR SAFETY for a small fee
  • Most manufacturers will void a warranty if it is not installed by a licensed professional
  • Most new ceiling fans may need two way switching and running of added electrical cable for connection
  • Installations may not be very straight forward. Older homes pose more safety concerns
  • Reputable Electricians like Justflow Electrical provide labour warranty with the manufacturer warranty

Is it expensive to install?

No it generally isn’t expensive and here’s how to get a low price installation done

  1. Choose an electrician that specialises in home maintenance specifically
  2. Check the electrician’s website to see the mention of home maintenance and ceiling fan installation service
  3. Make sure the electrician is local and services all suburbs not just his/her local area
  4. Ensure the electrician is licensed and insured
  5. Confirm that all labour is guaranteed and ceiling fans supplied come with a warranty period

Depending on who you use to install your ceiling fan of course some electricians will charge much more than what the job should actually cost. And unfortunately as with most industries the market does have a few bad eggs that can charge like a wounded bull. It is always best practice to follow the above 5 steps to ensure you are getting a service that meets the demands of even the most fussiest of customers.

Will installing a ceiling fan save me money in the long run?

Yes, ceiling fans use much less energy than a ducted air conditioning or split system air conditioning unit.

The savings are phenomenal and with todays whisper quiet fans the added benefit is that they can be nearly as quiet as the Ducted and Split system AC units.

Ceiling Fan installation Sydney Parramatta Moorebank Liverepool

Ceiling fan installation job completed in Parramatta, a local suburb located in Western Sydney NSW


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