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Need Your Existing Air Conditioning Unit Removed or Relocated?

Justflow Air Conditioning have helped hundreds of home and business owners remove an existing air conditioning system due to upgrading or purchasing a new air con unit.

As a result of  gas being fitted and AC drainage being active with any existing Air Conditioning system it can become a hazard to attempt to remove the unit yourself, not to mention a safety issue. Our expert AC removal team at Justflow Air Conditioning can safely disconnect and dispose of your existing Air con system via our effortless and fast ac removal service.

You may also require an Air Con relocation service of the existing AC system for use at a later stage of your renovation or build. Most property owners will at some stage renovate or relocate their existing AC system to a different part of their home or move the AC system completely to another property. This can be carried out by our professional AC removal service team also.

This is a great option for customers who want to save money by reusing their existing Air Conditioning system and without having to spend additional money on the purchase of a new ducted AC or Split system AC system

Whatever the requirement is we are always here to help on our free helpdesk

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Existing Air Con Management

Removing Your Air Conditioning System

The Justflow Air Conditioning team can safely disconnect wiring, gas and main lines leading into an air conditioning system needing to be removed from your house or business

Relocate An Existing Air Conditioner

Many customers ask us to relocate an existing air conditionng system for a number of reasons. This may include space restrictions, height restrictions or a temporary relocation while home repairs or modifications are being done

ReInstall An Old Air Conditioner

You may have an existing ducted or split system air conditioning unit that still works but needs to be professionally installed and re-gased to have it working again. Justflow Air Conditioning work with all models and can help

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