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Justflow Trade Services has been the primary source of quality electricians in Liverpool since 2000. In our 20+ years of operation, we’ve likely seen every electrical problem under the sun. As such, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the most common electrical problems and how to best address them.

Short Circuits, Tripped Breakers, and Blown Fuses; Electricians in Liverpool Can Help!

Among the many issues our Liverpool based electricians regularly come across, short circuits would be one of the most common. A short circuit is a disturbance in an electrical current caused by two wires coming into contact that usually wouldn’t. As a result, tripped breakers occur as the automatic safety feature, which then shut off power to the connected property. Also, when a circuit is overwhelmed with too much energy, a fuse will blow, physically destroying and severing the circuit.

Older homes are particularly susceptible to electrical hazards, especially if prolonged appliance use has overloaded the property’s wiring. However, there are simple steps you can take to mitigate these problems. One example is to reduce the amount of electricity-hungry appliances being used on your property.

Electrical Surges

Electrical surges, also called transients, are split-second changes in the electrical current in a power line or electrical circuit. They result from very dynamic events, such as lightning strikes or changes in electric load. Transients are physical phenomena that never leave the transmission part of the system, and therefore can’t “jump” onto the wiring of your home. Instead, surges can damage electrical devices, appliances, and electronics by stressing sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, cell phones and lamps.

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Liverpool Electrician’s Guide to Other Electrical Issues

  • Failing Outlets
    Another common issue encountered by our Liverpool based electricians are dead outlets. While these can be convenient, they can also be hazardous. A loose connection in the wiring may cause a fire. Front-stabbed wires are slightly more forgiving than back-stabbed ones, but they are better avoided altogether. If you suspect a problem in the internal wiring, it’s best to call a professional.
  • Your Light Bulbs Are Burning Out Faster
    There are some easy ways to determine whether your light bulbs need replacing. Some lights lose their brightness over time, sometimes abruptly. Other bulbs burn out much faster than others, with the difference being attributed to voltage, wattage, and amperage, and usage patterns. Be on the lookout for flashing lights, which can indicate a loose connection. To be sure you have the right bulb type, fit, and wattage in your socket, consult an electrician.

Electrical jobs should always be undertaken by a professional. Contact Justflow Trade Services to book an electrician for your Liverpool home or business.

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Switchboard Repair & Upgrade

Is your switchboard old, noisy or buzzing? Does your power keep cutting out or tripping? A Justflow Electrician can upgrade or repair your existing switchboard to fix the issue once and for all. Dont wait until it's too late. Fix it today

Local Electrician Near me Justflow Electrical Services

Downlight Installation

Still using old halogen downlights? Is halogen draining your electricity and your pocket? Need to get a modern look for your property? Try installing new LED Downlights. LED strip lights and downlights are fast and easy to install. Call our team to find out how

Local Electrician Near me Justflow Electrical Services

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep cool and save money. With a modern range and many styles to choose from, now is no better time to have our electrical team installing your ceiling fan today. We supply and install all brands including styles from Beacon and Bunnings Stores in Sydney

Local Electrician Near me Justflow Electrical Services

Power Point Installation and Replacement

Not enough power points at your house or business? Don't use extension cords and hazardous multi adapters. With the growing need for chargers and power outlets, our electrical services can replace , relocate or connect more power points at a desired location in your property

Local Electrician Near me Justflow Electrical Services

Security Alarms and Camera Installations

For the security of yourself and your loved ones our team work with a range of different brands to find the right home alarm system and CCTV solution. Protect your home or business. Get a fast over the phone quote now

Local Electrician Near me Justflow Electrical Services

New Home Electrical Services

If your building or renovating and need your electrical services roughed in by a professional team of electricians, give our team a call. We rough in granny flats, new homes, renovations and extensions across all Sydney suburbs

Local Electrician Service

Winners of multiple Local Business Awards, for price and service delivery. Awarded for the Electrical service we provide across Sydney NSW

Electrical Repair Services

Offering repairs for all brands including Clipsal, HPM, Schneider, Phillips and many more. Ask one of our Electrical experts for a price on your repair cost for both House and Commercial Electrical Services

Customer Focused

The Justflow Electrical Team is customer focused. So we are determined to deliver the best repair, installation and maintenance services across Sydney NSW

Commercial Electrician

Our fast and effective commercial electrician systems and software will book your job in no time and have an electrician onsite at your house or business within 24 -48 hours.

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Cheapest Electrical Prices guaranteed. We match competitors quotes. As well as provide a discount for first time customers, seniors and pensioners

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Fast installation and electrical home repairs. We can also install local Bunnings or Beacon Lighting products. Our team source parts for repairs so we can have our installers work within a allocated timeline. Because completing your job on time is a priority

Local Liverpool Electrician for all services including Ceiling Fans, Power Points, Switchboards, Lighting, Cabling, Rewiring and much more.We use reputable products from suppliers such as Clipsal, HPM, NHP, Schneider, Phillips and many more. Contact our team for a no obligation quote on 1300 350 330

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Local supplier of all Clipsal products including power points, data and light switch installations. Contact Justflow Electrical for a no obligation quote or to check out the range of products here

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Want to find out how much your Electrical job will cost? Give Justflow Electrical Team a call. Provide the specifications of your home or business, and we’ll do the rest. Because we are your local supplier of quality Electrical Services at the best price guaranteed

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HPM Supply and Installation

We also are your local supplier of all HPM products including Ceiling Fans, Switchboards, Data and lighting. Contact Justflow Electrical for a no obligation quote or to check out the range of products here

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Excellent 5 star google reviews for local services
Peter McNamara

Liverpool Local

Awesome job by the electrician who came out straight away. He quoted me the best price after shopping around and i would highly recommend them. Electrician did a switchboard replacement and flickering lights and power outage problem is now fixed after 1 year of problems with the old electricians I used before these guys

Excellent 5 star google reviews for local services
Alana Singleton

Liverpool Local

What an amazing group of young men. The electrician service was fantastic. They took their time to change my light fittings, and install a ceiling fan for me. The electrician even went and bought the fan from our local Bunnings. 1st class team from their office staff right through to their electricians who came to my house


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