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Starting a new project?

Building a new home?

Need an Electrician to rough in?

What is a rough in? Roughing in refers to the process of running your services from point to point usually once the framework of a new build or project has been erected. The rough in of these trades must be completed before plastering commences

It usually refers to plumbing, electrical and air conditioning services when referring to trades

Initial work to the site may be referred to as “ground works” and can be completed prior to the structure has been commenced.

“The electrical rough in is an integral part of the building process, ensure you ire a reputable electrician to carry out the work”

It is the process of running your cabling including power, switch, data, antenna and network cables throughout the property and electricians must ensure that all these cables are counted labelled and ran in accordance with Building Codes and Guidelines

We do a great job and our team are able to carry out the work quickly and efficiently

Justflow Electrical Services have completed numerous new building projects including

  • Single Story Homes
  • Double Story Homes
  • Duplex Sites
  • Triplex Sites
  • Apartments
  • Renovations
  • Commercial Low Rise
  • Commercial High Rise

All of the skilled electrical solution providers have managed many projects from the initial stages of excavation and pouring of the  slab/foundations

The rough in which involves wiring and cabling throughout from point to point, right up until the fit off stage. Where by the lighting, power and mains have been connected and handed over to client with a certificate of compliance and labour guarantee

Our electricians are experienced licensed and able to complete a project within the allocated timeline. We do not delay our customers and builders and ensure that any project we take on is priced accurately and cost effectively to maintain a lasting working relationship

Send your plans to our local electricians for rough in electrical services which will ensure your new build is completed correctly but efficiently every step of the way

Our electrical team provide a comprehensive rough in service  across all  Sydney suburbs including Parramatta, Moorebank, Liverpool and Sydney CBD’s

Justflow electricians are available 24 hours a day 7 day a week for emergency electrical installations as well as everyday home electrical faults, installations and repairs

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Our main objective has always been to put the customer before a profit, measuring the success and failure of a business has always come down to how good your last job is. 

If we are not consistent in the quality of electrical, plumbing and air conditioning services we provide we won’t take on the task. 

Being able to fulfill a client or customers request is just the first step, how efficiently and effectively we do our work is our primary focus. 

We have to be able to deliver a service that we are proud to stand behind and we believe our work speaks for itself. Check out some of our work below to see for yourself